Pageant Overview


Like many of their sisters other developing countries, Kenyan women have been subjected to gender based discrimination for centuries. They are excluded in participating in many mainstream political, social & economic decision making activities in our country. Despite these set-backs there are many Kenyan women making massive strides in their different spheres of influence.
Miss World, one of the oldest pageants of our time, seeks to celebrate the woman was founded in 1951 on the principle of charity and giving back to the society, it brings nations of the world together, promoting unity and togetherness with 120 countries represented. In addition it plays a role in raising awareness about challenges facing the world such as poverty, disease & conflict while promoting action for peace, love and togetherness.
This pageant has helped put Kenya as a whole on the world map and has helped groom our very own people to meet national standards in these competitions. This has been a huge source of tourist traffic through the exposure within the African continent and the world at large.

Miss World Kenya

2011 marks Kenya’s 10th year as a participant of the Miss World Pageant. Some of her past winners have gone on to become proponents of change in our country. Of special note would be Cecilia Mwangi , Miss World Kenya 2005, with her beauty with a purpose campaign, Ahadi Trust that brings help and information by persons affected by jiggers. This campaign has been awarded a Heads of State Commendation (HSC) from the President of Kenya.
In 2009, Kenya was represented by Ms. Fiona Konchella, a 20 year old Commerce student, at the Miss World Pageant held in Johannesburg, South Africa. Who is actively involved with environmental preservation.
In 2010, Kenya was represented by the beautiful Natasha Metto who made Kenya proud by making it to the top and 25 Finalists and actually winning the coveted crown of Beauty with a purpose that comes with a prize of $ 800
This year, Kenya seeks to gain recognition at the Pageant taking the time to select an outstanding individual to represent Kenya. She will be selected early to allow her to adequately prepare for the Miss World Finals.

The format of the 2011 Pageant will occur as follows


These will occur in the 8 major counties. With interested ladies coming to a central location and these auditions will be recorded for T.V to be edited into a Television show or a pageant held to select a Miss County.


Of all the girls selected, 25 will have the opportunity to vie for the finals in front of an expert panel of judges. At this stage they will present themselves and have an opportunity to speak on their hopes and dreams. From these 25 ladies, the top three, winner and 2nd runners up will be groomed to prepare for the finals in Miss World.
They will receive beauty and etiquette training; get an opportunity to travel around Kenya, having a swimwear shoot at the coast, meeting with various governmental stakeholders, seeing some of the famed sites e.g. The National Museum & National Parks. In addition, they will participate in very important Beauty with a Purpose campaign selected by Miss World Kenya 2010 organizers, Anti Jigger and the Beacon of Hope.

Coronation Ball

Before the finals, guests will attend the Coronation Ball, a dinner held in honor of Miss World Kenya 2011 to send her off to Miss World Finals


March 2011

  • Press Launch
  • Media campaign with a call for Auditions

April 2010

  • 9th April Auditions in 1st County
  • 16th April: Auditions in 2nd County
  • 23rd April: Auditions 3rd County then the rest to follow

30th July Finals

September 2011

  • Coronation ball

November 2011

  • Finals Miss World Partners

Beyond the financial sponsors, Miss World Kenya 2010 will engage various stakeholders in different areas

(a) Beauty with A Purpose

The President of the Miss World Organization, Julia Morley, coined the phrase ‘Beauty with a purpose’ more than 25 years ago and since then more than $400 million USD have been raised in its name in support of children’s charities across the globe, bringing help and hope to hundreds of thousands in need. Charity work is integral to the Miss World ethos and part of the brief to contenders in each country is that they volunteer their time or fundraise for charity.
Miss World Kenya 2010, will partner with the Beacon of Hope, a local charity that supports families that are afflicted with HIV/AIDS, mainly children of parents who were HIV positive and have since passed away or are too weak and poor to support their children. There are over 100 children in this program who benefit from medical services and life skills training.

(b) Fashion
Miss World celebrates local fashion designers by having a Miss World fashion Designer Award on the International stage and Miss World Kenya 2010 seeks