Frequently Asked Questions

Does Miss World Kenya have to come from Nairobi?


No, Miss World Kenya can come from any area of Kenya.

Miss World Kenya travels across the country to attend various functions and events

The ruling of international competitions applies: this means that even Kenyan women who have been living or modelling abroad are entitled to enter Miss World Kenya, provided that they meet the entry requirements and make themselves available to the pageant organisers for interviews, rehearsals and during the course of the production.

How does Miss World Kenya function and what are her main responsibilities?


The Miss World Kenya brand is owned by Ashleys Kenya. Ashleys not only facilitates the annual competition, but also provides Miss World Kenya with a manager and support during the course of the year. Miss World Kenya’s schedule is the responsibility of the Miss World Kenya office, based in Nairobi.

Miss World Kenya also has an obligation to her sponsors and endorses their particular products or expertise. Primarily, Ashleys Kenya invests in Miss World Kenya by paying the license fees which enable her to represent the country internationally, in the Miss World (owned by Julia Morley) pageants.

How does the Miss World Kenya judging system work?


Much care has been put into developing an adjudicating process, which mirrors, as closely as possible, major international competitions with emphasis on Miss World. Judges are chosen for their expertise and experience within the beauty pageant industry and a principal judge oversees the entire process to ensure standardization. Every elimination round is carefully scrutinized by Ernst and Young to ensure that the outcome can be deemed transparent.

What does Miss World Kenya win?


Miss World Kenya is the recipient of much generosity from her sponsors who, in turn, cater to almost her every whim. She receives a prize package that rivals international competitions. The most important thing Miss World Kenya wins, however, is an assortment of opportunities to grow, develop and give back to the country that she represents.

What is the most difficult part about entering Miss World Kenya?


It is always difficult to enter competitions of this nature. Perhaps the most important thing to keep in mind is that so very much of it is out of your direct control. Different judges emphasise different qualities and beauty, obviously, can be subjective. Adopt a healthy, grounded approach when entering Miss World Kenya. Aim to excel in each of the various judging rounds, but know that there are many other strong career opportunities out there besides the Miss World Kenya platform. Do not give up hope. A number of Miss World Kenya winners were only awarded the title on their second, or sometimes even their third, attempt.

Will entering Miss World Kenya clash with my university studies or tertiary education requirements?


Being Miss World Kenya is a full-time career for a year. The winner would have to postpone her university or academic studies for the duration of her term of office (until a new Miss World Kenya is crowned).

Many entrants are students as often women within the age bracket, 18 – 25, have enrolled at a tertiary institution of some kind and are working towards qualifying as professionals. Miss World Kenya endorses the importance of education and every effort is made to accommodate the needs of those finalists who have academic commitments and examinations