2013 Top 10 Miss World Kenya

Paynette Nyawara
Age: 22
OccuPaynettepation: 3rd year student
Education: Environment science @ University of Nairobi.

I am daring, independent and draw from within my inner person. I am lady like talks with ease and get the attention I need. Sickle cell anemia is my pet subject and since no child is born to suffer I want to be an advocate to create awareness and seek support for c
hildren living with it.
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AAlicelice Mutiso

Age: 21
Occupation  2nd year student
Education: Communication and media technology @ Maseno university

I love to sing. I use music to communicate my feelings. I previously knew me as an introvert but learnt to step out as a voice for abused children around the globe to help them out of the trauma. This title to me is a voice.

Janet Tianda  

Age: 21
Occupation: 2nd year student
Education: Tourism and travel @ Mt. Kenya university

I am t
alented in music and blessed with beauty. Both i consider necessary to get the attention in require to reach deep into the rural areas where from is still practiced. It is an inhuman cultural practice that must be abolished.
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Leah Tesfamariam

LeahAge 21
Occupation:  1st year student
ation: International relations and diplomacy @Maseno university

I am an initiator and know how to get things organized. I am moldable and with a multicultural background I can join communities of Kenya. I am a leader that wishes to lead the  “healthy mother, healthy child” campaign with specific focus on obstetric fistula
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Sophia Umwiza

SophiaAge: 21
Education: Mass communication Multimedia university

I am open minded and always wanting to learn, kind and accommodating. I have be
en sponsored through my high school education and want to extend the same to others. I like to work with people.
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Wangui Gitonga

Age: 23Wangui

Occupation: Student
Education: Linguistics @ German school

I am humble and resilient, service oriented and in the hospitality ind
ustry. I am disciplined. I want to change lives for young girls’ and boys’ facing sexual exploitation across the country.
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Tabitha MainaTabitha

Age: 22
Occupation: Hospitality intern at   Sarova Hotel

I am optimistic and believe in possibilities. Introduction by the gove
rnment to give laptops to children poses a risk to them when it comes to accessing information on sexual and reproductive health. I want this title to use it to bridge the gap between government position, researchers and media to deliver communication effectively on the matter.

YvonneYvonne Amondi

Age: 21
Occupation: Cabin crew student at Nairobi Aviation College

I am humble and respectful. I have been a leader from school days and now volunteer at garden of hope children’s home. I strive to do the right thing always. Good hygiene could save us from preventable diseases that cost us resources both human and economic.
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Age: 21Purity
Occupation:  3rd year student
Education: Bachelor of science mathematics @South Eastern Kenya University

I am empty bottle getting filled up with new knowledge as i exploit m
y talent and potential in modeling with passion. I wish to touch the hearts of girls in the rural areas who miss school every month due to a natural monthly
cycle of menstruation, just because they cannot bear the embarrassment. I want to join others to avail sanitary towels to them.

Ubah Musa
Age: 18Ubah
Occupation: 2nd year student
Education: International relations@ Nairobi Aviation College

I am kind and humble and believe it is never too early to start. I do not like to be judged. I believe in change and want it for the many   children born with disabilities facing discrimination from the society.
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